Seiichi Kobayashi creates his works through a meticulous process of layering patterns and images generated through programming using silkscreen printing. The surface, wherein paint has settled through the silkscreen, is left with traces of human handiwork. If one concentrates only on the image of the work, it can be seen as an image composed of the simplest elements, or a background image, but looking at it closely, one would find the artist’s emphasis on the gaps and imperfections in the manual work that occurred during its production. His artistic process, which begins with programming and continues through manual labor, is the very trace of the physical labor that confronts his work. 


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CV  履歴

Seiichi Kobayashi 小林誠一
Based in Yokohama

Education 学歴:

2019 Bachelor of Contemporary Art, University of South Australia

Exhibition History 展覧会:

2022 Group Show 'Abstraction Now' West Gallery Theberton

2022 Group Show 'Introduction 2020'  Koganecho Yokohama

2021 Solo Show, 'Space and Improvisation' FeltSpace Adelaide

2021 Group Show, East Wind, Nexus Arts, Adelaide

2020 Group Show, Helpmann Academy exhibition 2020

2019 Solo Show, Functional, Carclew North Adelaide

Awards, Prizes and Residencies 賞、レジデンス:

2020 Helpmann Academy, City of Adelaide prize

2019 Port Art Supplies Painting Prize

2018 Derivan Mattise Painting Prize

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